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2017 / 2018 Season

Competition 1: October 2017

The images below have received an Award of Merit (AM) or an Honourable Mention (HM)
in the following Divisions: Colour Prints - Monochrome Prints - Nature - Pictorial

The Classes are Novice, Advanced and Specialist                           All Rights Reserved by the photographer.

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Colour Prints


Colour Prints - Novice


"Hmong Child in Traditional Dress" by Jennifer Allen - HM

"Rivets and Scrolls" by Mei Shih - HM

"Focused" by Betty Chan - HM

"Sago Crown of Fronds" by Susan Ince - HM

"Floral Arrangement" by Ann Wojtowicz - HM

"Split Second Vision" by Mei Shih - HM

"Palm Symmetry" by Susan Ince - AM

"Ripples in the Rock" by Jennifer Allen - AM

"Eerie Winters Morn in Coburg" by Jan Yazer - AM

"Swallowtail in Flight" by Susan Ince - AM

"Portrait of a Lioness" by Betty Chan - AM


Colour Prints - Advanced


"Mara Sunrise" by Murray Fenner - HM

"Neko Harbour" by Murray Fenner - HM

"The Lion King Pose" by Catherine AuYeung - HM

"Regal" by Catherine AuYeung - AM

"Smoke Dragon" by Alberto Bustos - AM

"Blue Fluid Collision" by Alberto Bustos - AM


Colour Prints - Specialist


"Lupine Field" by George Campbell - AM

"Vestrahorn" by George Campbell - AM

"Shades Of Green" by George Campbell - AM

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Monochrome Prints


Monochrome Prints - Novice


"Knock Knock" by Susan Ince - HM

"Sky Riser" by Alberto Bustos - HM

"Look at Me" by Alberto Bustos - AM

"Symmetry" by Alberto Bustos - AM

"150 Bloor St. West" by Eric Thompson - AM


Monochrome Prints - Advanced


"Sisterly Love" by Jennifer Allen - AM

"Twin domes on Patmos" by Catherine AuYeung - HM

"Patterns in Concrete" by Catherine AuYeung - HM

"Ramp to the Right" by Catherine AuYeung - HM

"Bolivian Mountain" by Betty Chan - AM

"Solitude" by Betty Chan - AM


Monochrome Prints - Specialist


"Lost Keys" by Cynthia Smith - HM

"Going Up" by Cynthia Smith - AM

"Mud Cracks" by George Campbell - AM

"Bisti Badlands" by George Campbell - AM

"Windows And Shadows" by George Campbelll - AM
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Nature Projected


Nature Projected - Novice


"Male Hooded Merganser" by Betty Chan - HM

"Monarch Butterfly" by Andrea Lemieux - HM

"Comorant on Dead Limb" by Mike Goldstein - HM

"Osprey with Catch" by Y C Cheah - HM

"Vigilant Bald Eagle" by Mike Goldstein - HM

"Puffins" by Cyndie Blackmore - HM

"Juvenile Great Egret" by Jean Liao - HM

"Barn Owl" by Betty Chan - HM

"Common Loon" by Y C Cheah - HM

"Drinking Warthog" by Betty Chan - HM

"Kestrel in a Hurry" by Michael Croudson - AM

"Mallard and Water Lily" by Y C Cheah - AM

"Purple Loosestife, Ontario Wildflower" by Ann Wojtowicz - AM

"A Pair of White-fronted Bee-eaters Courting" by Murray Fenner - AM


Nature Projected - Advanced


"White-breasted Nuthatch" by Alberto Bustos - HM

"Glossy Ibis in Flight" by Jennifer Allen - HM

"White-tailed Deer in Meadow" by Eric Thompson - HM

"Mushrooms on Decaying Tree" by Eric Thompson - HM

"American Tree Sparrow" by Bel Remedios - AM

"Juvenile Black-crowned night Heron with Fish" by Filomena Ramalhoso - AM

"Semipalmated Sandpiper" by Filomena Ramalhoso - AM

"Dragonfly" by Scott Flemming - AM

"Red Fox Kits at Play" by Filomena Ramalhoso - AM

"Cabbage White Butterfly, Princess Point, Hamilton" by Susan Kronick - AM

"Atlantic Puffin, Svalbard, Norway" by Susan Kronick - AM

"Polar Bear, Svalbard, Norway" by Susan Kronick - AM


Nature Projected - Specialist


"Female White-tailed Deer" by Andy Lamm - HM

"Polar Bear Eating" by Margaret Taylor - HM

"Ring-Billed Gull Ready to Eat" by Margaret Taylor - HM

"Red-necked Grebes" by Cynthia Smith - HM

"Great Egret" by George Campbell - HM

"Limpkin With Clam" by George Campbell - AM

"Baby Eastern Blue Birds" by George Campbell - AM

"Red-tailed Hawk" by Cynthia Smith - AM

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Pictorial Projected


Pictorial Projected - Novice


"Shining Over the Serengeti" by Betty Chan - HM

"Dawn Rower" by Michael Croudson - HM

"At the Waterfront" by Catherine AuYeung - HM

"Last Barbados Windmill" by Norm Cruse - HM

"Barn Boards" by Sheila Smith - HM

"British Base at Damoy Point" by Murray Fenner - HM

"Chrome Reflections" by Michele Fraser - HM

"On the Lookout" by Andrea Lemieux - HM

"Norwegian Skyscrapers" by Mike Goldstein - HM

"Let there be Light" by Catherine AuYeung - HM

"Abandoned Pier" by Craig Woods - HM

"Serenity amid Chaos" by Andrea Lemieux - HM

"6.30 AM Near Sunnyside" by George Novotny - HM

"Working the Connemara Mussel Rafts" by Carol Anjo - HM

"Clouds Reflection" by Betty Chan - HM

"Top of the Agave Spike" by Susan Ince - HM

"Dusk at Cherry Beach" by Michael Croudson - HM

"Power" by Andrea Lemieux - HM

"Supermoon 2016" by George Novotny - HM

"Amsterdam Flower Market Canal" by Catherine AuYeung - HM

"Neko Harbour Sunrise" by Murray Fenner - HM

"Chihuly #1" by Dan Somers - HM

"Georgian Bay Rock Pools" by Paul Orr - HM

"Interruption on the Shore" by Jennifer Allen - AM

"Express Yourself" by Craig Woods - AM

"Dolphin family in the Pacific" by Jenifer Allen - AM

"Star Trails" by Craig Woods - AM

"Oh No" by Betty Chan - AM

"Student Sailors Return to Shore" by Michael Croudson - AM

"Monarch on Zennia flower by Ann Wojtowicz - AM


Pictorial Projected - Advanced


"Into the Sunset" by Jean Liao - HM

"Sleeping Beauty" by Andrea Gimblett - HM

"Grytviken, South Georgia Island" by Susan Kronick - HM

"Rain Dance" by Alberto Bustos - HM

"Edwards Gardens, Toronto" by Susan Kronick - HM

"DC3 Dakota" by Scott Flemming - AM


Pictorial Projected - Specialist


"A Golden Aspen" by Andy Lamm - HM

"Icelandic Landscape" by George Campbell - HM

"Glacier Formation" by George Campbell - HM

"Blue Audi Quattro" by Bel Remedios - HM

"Stairway to the Sky" by Pete Neely - HM

"A Lily of the Valley Branch" by Andy Lamm - HM

"Romeo and Juliet" by Serguei Iouchtchenko - HM

"First Date! Collage of AGO and ROM" by Pete Neely - AM

"Marylake Shrine - infrared" by Bel Remedios - AM

"Yucca Plants On White Sands" by George Campbell - AM

"Blues and Yellows" by Allan Flagel - AM

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