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2017 / 2018 Season

Competition 2: December 2017

The images below have received an Award of Merit (AM) or an Honourable Mention (HM)
in the following Divisions: Colour Prints - Monochrome Prints - Nature - Pictorial

Pictorial's Theme was "Tension"

All Rights Reserved by the photographer.

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Colour Prints


Colour Prints - Novice


"Sunset, Lake Ontario, Scarborough Bluffs" by Ann Wojtowicz - HM

"Twillingate Iceberg" by Betty Chan - AM

"Waves of Rock" by Jennifer Allen - AM

"Waterlily in Jardin du Paradis" by Susan Ince - AM

"Purple African Daisy" by Ann Wojtowicz - AM

"Preening" by Jennifer Allen - HM

"Pow Wow Warrior" by Betty Chan - AM

"Whip the Motorcross Bike" by Betty Chan - AM

"Our Daily Bread" by Eric Thomson - HM

"Brass and Marble" by Eric Thompson - AM


Colour Prints - Advanced


"Wild West" by Alberto Bustos - HM

"Blacksmith" by Alberto Bustos - AM

"Candid Moment" by Catherine AuYeung - HM

"Smoke Strawberry Ice Cream" by Alberto Bustos - AM

"Sunrise Through Mist" by Murray Fenner - AM

"Blue Water, Iceland" by Cheryl Powers - HM

"Splendour in the Grass" by Catherine AuYeung - HM

"Abandoned Peter Witt Streetcar" by Murray Fenner - AM

"Sunset Paddle" by Catherine AuYeung - AM


Colour Prints - Specialist


"A Panoramic Landscape" by George Campbell - HM

"A Sense Of Scale, Icelandic Highlands" by George Campbell - AM

"Stormy Harbour" by Allan Flagel - HM

"Team Support" by Allan Flagel - HM

"Eye Catcher" by Allan Flagel - AM

"Golden Light" by George Campbell - AM

"Allium" by Cynthia Smith - AM

"Eurasian Eagle Owl" by Cynthia Smith - AM

"Red Bellied Woodpecker" by Cynthia Smith - AM

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Monochrome Prints


Monochrome Prints - Novice


"Cherry Street Bridge over Keating Channel" by Michael Croudson - HM

"He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not" by Susan Ince - HM

"Iron Sun" by Alberto Bustos - AM

"Clouds Overhead" by Ann Wojtowicz - AM

"Parliament Hill" by Alberto Bustos - AM


Monochrome Prints - Advanced


"Charles Bridge & The Old Town Prague" by Betty Chann - HM

"U of T Convocation Hall Building" by Betty Chan - HM

"Sculpted Concrete" by Catherine AuYeung - HM

"Black Diamond Gem" by Allan Flagel - HM

"CN Rail Pickering" by Allan Flagel - AM

"She's on Top of the World" by Jennifer Allen - HM

"Seashore Serenity" by Jennifer Allen - AM


Monochrome Prints - Specialist


"Overpass Toronto" by George Campbell - AM

"Videy Island, Iceland" by George Campbell - HM

"Window on Tiled Roof" by George Campbell - AM
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Nature Projected


Nature Projected - Novice


"Black Swan Family" by Simon Zhang - HM

"Boat-billed Heron" by Catherine AuYeung - HM

"Yellow-bodied Long Claw" by Murray Fenner - HM

"Canadian Geese Family" by Jean Liao - HM

"Sandpipers" by George Novotny - HM

"Crowned Crane" by Murray Fenner - HM

"Anhinga" by Catherine AuYeung - AM

"Sand Piper, Early Morning" by Michael Croudson - AM

"Bald Eagle" by Craig Woods - AM

"Snowy Owl" by Michael Croudson - HM

"Ostrich" by Andrea Lemieux - AM

"Natures Coat of Many Colours" by Michele Fraser - HM

"Lake Superior Sunset" by Michele Fraser - HM

"At Long Lake" by George Novotny - HM

"Iconic Windswept Pine" by Michele Fraser - HM

"Wild Grass at Dusk" by Michael Croudson - HM

"Sunrise on Cabot Beach" by Jean Liao - AM

"Hubbard Glacier Melt" by Gary Phillips - HM

"Big Bend by Craig Woods - AM

"Halloween Pennant Dragonfly" by Andrea Lemieux - HM

"Eueides Isabella" by Betty Chan - HM

"Buffalos" by Jean Liao - HM

"Hippopotamuses" by Betty Chan - HM

"Leopard eating Warthog Piglet" by Lee-ann Steele - HM

"Impala Calf - Swaziland" by Lee-ann Steele - HM

"The Majestic Cheetah" by Betty Chan - AM


Nature Projected - Advanced


"Grey Wolf" by Filomena Ramalhosos - HM

"Arctic Fox in Summer Colour" by Susan Kronick - AM

"West Caucasian tur" by Alberto Bustos - HM

"Gentoo Penguin and Iceberg" by Susan Kronick - AM

"Mallard and Drake" by Bel Remedios - HM

"Atlantic Puffin" by Susan Kronick - HM

"Early Morning in the Marsh" by Jennifer Allen - HM

"Great Egret Fishing" by Jennifer Allen - AM

"Snowy Egret in Flight" by Jennifer Allen - AM

"Female Eastern Bluebird" by Filomena Ramalhoso - AM

"Eastern Screech Owl" by Alberto Bustos - HM

untitled by Ella Jeans - HM

"Great Horned Owl" by Alberto Bustos - HM

"Great Grey Owl" by Filomena Ramalhoso - AM


Nature Projected - Specialist


"A Wild Turkeys Head" by Andy Lamm - HM

"Red-winged Blackbird on a Stalk" by Andy Lamm - AM

"An Egret Taking Off" by Andy Lamm - HM

"Great Blue Heron" by George Campbell - AM

"Burrowing Owl" by George Campbell - AM

"Ring-necked Gull with Mouth Full" by Margaret Taylor - AM

"Eastern Blue Birds" by George Campbell - AM

"Fledgling Eastern Bluebirds" by Cynthia Smith - AM

"Red Fox with Prey" by Cynthia Smith - AM

"Polar Bear with Fish" by Margaret Taylor - HM

"Polar Bear by Cynthia Smith" - AM

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Pictorial Projected


Pictorial Projected - Novice


"Impala Sparing" by Murray Fenner - HM

"Easy Does It!" by Carol Anjo - HM

"Why are you looking at me" by Catherine AuYeung - HM

"Glass Houses" by Chris Kent - HM

"Behind Bars" by Chris Kent - HM

"Nautical Netting #1" by Mike Goldstein - HM

"Bridge Support" by Carol Anjo - HM

"White Knuckle Time" by Susan Ince - HM

"It's All Right, Babe" by Haden Lee - HM

"Fort Myers Beach Sunset # 1" by Mike Goldstein - HM

"Almost there!" by Carol Anjo - HM

"Stop Charging Don't Kill him!" by Betty Chan - HM

"Glacier Tension Release" by Gary Phillips - HM

"Lioness Stalking" by Murray Fenner - HM

"Water Tension on Blades of Grass" by Ann Wojtowicz - HM

"Tennis Net Tension" by Susan Ince - HM

"Hold On Tight" by Craig Woods - AM

"Protest" by George Novotny - AM

"Tight Formation" by Gary Phillips - AM

"Relying on Rope Tension" by Jennifer Allen - AM

"What's Going on?" by Catherine AuYeung - AM

"Capsized Sailing Dinghy, Lake Ontario, off Toronto" by Michael Croudson - AM

"Keeping Balance" by Filomena Ramalhoso - AM

"Traffic" by George Novotny - AM

"Racing for Championship" by Betty Chan - AM

"Acrobat Silhouette" by Lee-ann Steele - AM

"Sail" by Karl Lee - AM

"Tension at the Gate" by Jennifer Allen - AM

"Ooops!" by Betty Chan - AM

"Man versus Nature" by Andrea Lemieux - AM


Pictorial Projected - Advanced


"I Hate Tea" by Alberto Bustos - HM

"Stairway to the Sky" by Andrea Gimblett - HM

"Tension, It's a Long Way Down" by Margaret Taylor - HM

"Pull" by Eric Thompson - HM

"The High Trestle" by Eric Thompson - HM

"Fence Line - Cattle Country" by Eric Thompson - AM

"Brewing up a Storm" by Jean Liao - AM

"Tension on the Arms" by Margaret Taylor - AM


Pictorial Projected - Specialist


"All Wound Up" by Allan Flagell - HM

"The Glass Wall" by Allan Flagel - HM

"Arteries" by George Campbell - HM

"Struggle" by Cynthia Smith - HM

"Tension # 3 by Pete Neely - AM

"Tension # 2 by Pete Neely - AM

"Tension # 1 by Pete Neely - AM

"Stress" by Cynthia Smith - AM

"Keeping the Lead" by Cynthia Smith - AM

"Critical Moment" by Bel Remedoios - AM

"Intense" by George Campbell - AM

"Under Pressure" by George Campbell - HM

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