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2017 / 2018 Season

Competition 3: February 2018

The images in this gallery have received an Award of Merit (AM) or an Honourable Mention (HM)
in the following Divisions: Colour Prints - Monochrome Prints - Nature - Pictorial

The Colour Print Category had a Theme of "Music"

All Rights Reserved by the photographer.

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Colour Prints

Assigned Topic: "Music"


Colour Prints - Novice


"Canadian R & B Singer Daniel Caesar" by Jennifer Allen - AM

"Music Appreciation Time" by George Novotny - HM

"Music In The Air" by Betty Chan - AM


Colour Prints - Advanced


"Jamming" by Catherine AuYeung - HM

"Trombone Player" by Catherine AuYeung - HM

"Rock Concert" by Alberto Bustos - HM

"Rock Night" by Alberto Bustos - HM


Colour Prints - Specialist


"Street Performer" by George Campbell - AM

"Piano Detail" by George Campbell - AM

"Heavenly Crescendo" by Cynthia Smith - AM

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Monochrome Prints


Monochrome Prints - Novice


"Antarctic Mountain" by Murray Fenner - HM

"Misty Morning" by Ann Wojtowicz - HM

"Old Tree Branches" by Ann Wojtowicz - HM

"Shape and Texture" by Alberto Bustos - HM

"The Morning After" by Eric Thompson - HM

"Hieroglyphs" by Serguei Iouchtchenko - AM

"Elephant Hide" by Murray Fenner - AM

"Peggys Cove" by Michele Fraser - AM


Monochrome Prints - Advanced


"Life in The Desert" by Betty Chan - HM

"Lid Condensation" by Allan Flagel - HM

"Rust to Dust" by Allan Flagel - HM

"Arched Hallway, Casa Mila" by Catherine AuYeung - AM

"Gaudis Arches" by Catherine AuYeung - AM

"Two Heads are Better Than One" by Betty Chan - AM

"Break the Ice" by Betty Chan - AM

"Grace Reflected" by Catherine AuYeung - AM


Monochrome Prints - Specialist



"Black Beach Iceland" by Cheryl Powers - HM

"Fog Along The Railroad" by Cheryl Powers - HM

"Griffins Barcelona" by Cheryl Powers - HM

"Snow Mountains" by George Campbell - AM

"Vestrahorn" by George Campbell - AM

"Icelandic Church" by George Campbell - AM
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Nature Projected


Nature Projected - Novice


"North American Red Squirrel" by Michael Croudson - HM

"Golden Eagle" by Craig Woods - HM

"White-backed Vulture" by Lee-ann Steele - HM

"Monarch Butterfly" by Catherine AuYeung - HM

"Dragon Fly" by Ann Wojtowicz - HM

"Common Milkweed Locust" by Lee-ann Steele - AM

"Great Blue Heron Portrait 1" by Mike Goldstein - AM

"Vulturine Guinea Fowl" by Murray Fenner - AM

"Cheatah Brothers" by Murray Fenner - AM

"Hunting Lion" by Betty Chan - AM

"Gentoo Penguin" by Catherine AuYeung - AM

"Iceberg" by Jean Liao - AM

"Mourning Dove" by Paul Orr - AM

"Little Bee-eater" by Lee-ann Steele - AM

"Elephant Having Lunch" by Betty Chan - AM


Nature Projected - Advanced


"Red-winged Blackbird" by Bel Remedios - HM

"Bearded Seal" by Filomena Ramalhoso - HM

"Turtles" by Alberto Bustos - AM

"Polar Bear on Sea Ice" by Filomena Ramalhoso - AM

"Black-crowned Night Heron in Habitat" by Jennifer Allen - AM


Nature Projected - Specialist


"Blue Jay in Tree" by Andy Lamm - HM

"Hungry Lion" by Margaret Taylor - HM

"Great Blue Heron with Catch" by Margaret Taylor - HM

"Common Ringlet on Daisy" by Ann Falls - HM

"Vixen with Kit" by Cynthia Smith - AM

"Walrus on Sea Ice" by Cynthia Smith - AM

"Polar Bear Hunting" by Cynthia Smith - AM

"Purple Gallinule" by George Campbell - AM

"Sparrow Feeding Baby Cowbird" by George Campbell - AM

"Female Belted Kingfisher" by George Campbell - AM

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Pictorial Projected


Pictorial Projected - Novice


"Humber Bridge at Dawn" by Michael Croudson - HM

"Red Canoes" by Sheila Smith - HM

"Water Lily Reflection" by Lee-ann Steele - HM

"St Nicholas Abbey" by Norm Cruse - HM

"Iceburg" by Murray Fenner - HM

"Rusted Pump" by Chris Kent - HM

"Subway Soul" by George Lee - HM

"Reflection" by Lee-ann Steele - HM

"Abseiling Adventure" by Jennifer Allen - HM

"Rush" by Catherine AuYeung - HM

"Bags of Baguettes for the Fete" by Susan Ince - HM

"Raging Through The Canyon" by Sheila Smith - HM

"Chloe" by Don Smith - HM

"Chartreuse Shaded Leaves" by Sheila Smith - HM

"Running The Rapids" by Jennifer Allen - AM

"Vintage Soda Pop" by Michele Fraser - AM

"Purple Shamrock with Texture" by Karl Lee - AM

"Atlantic Puffin with Ring and Iris" by Filomena Ramalhoso - AM

"Paine Massif" by Catherine AuYeung - AM

"Floodlights on the Niagara Falls and the Skylon Tower" by Michael Croudson - AM

"British Museum" by Anna Dowbiggin - AM

"Picture Perfect Lunenburg Day" by Michele Fraser - AM

"Between Worlds" by Cheryl Powers - AM

"Orchids" by Craig Woods - AM

"Heart in The Rock" by Jennifer Allen - AM

"The Warp and The Weft" by Carol Anjo - AM

"Market Day" by Carol Anjo - AM

"The Karlovy Vary Canal at Night" by Betty Chan - AM

"Hot Spring Colonnade" by Betty Chan - AM

"The Red Slide" by Cheryl Powers - AM

"Spunk" by Catherine AuYeung - AM

"Pack Ice Pattern" by Filomena Ramalhoso - AM

"Curves" by Don Smith - AM

"Little Blue Heron" by Paul Orr - AM

"Parapluies du Don Mills" by George Novotny - AM


Pictorial Projected - Advanced


"Harvest Patterns" by Eric Thompson - HM

"Commitment" by Eric Thompson - HM

"Focus" by Alberto Bustos - HM

"Upland Sandpiper" by Ann Falls - HM

"Heart of the Beast" by Scott Fleming - AM

"The Joker" by Scott Fleming - AM

"Vintage Cars" by Jean Liao - AM

"Orchids II" by Alberto Bustos - AM


Pictorial Projected - Specialist


"Bobcaygeon Relections" by Allan Flagell - HM

"Sculpted Toronto Reference Library" by Pete Neely - HM

"Hooves In Motion" by George Campbell - HM

"Restless Sea by Cynthia Smith - HM

"Clouds Over White Sands" by George Campbell - HM

"Mini Canyons" by Allan Flagel - HM

"A Pear Bowl" by Andy Lamm - HM

"Garlic, Pepper, Squash" by Serguei Iouchtchenko - AM

"Complimentary Architrcture" by Andy Lamm - AM

"Artistic Ceiling Design" by Andy Lamm - AM

"The Eye of a Hurricane" by Serguei Iouchtchenko - AM

"Malostranska Station" by Bel Remedios - AM

"High Entropy" by Serguei Iouchtchenko - AM

"Portrait of a Sikh" by George Campbell - AM

"View Through the Arch, AGO" by Pete Neely - AM

"Converging Lines" by Bel Remedios - AM

"Forest Abstract" by Allan Flagel - AM

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