"Theme Night:   Jan. 11, 2018 "

Theme Night is a mid-season competition for projected images depicting the assigned theme(s).
There are 2 themes. Club members may enter up to 3 images per theme.

* Only photographs that have been taken during the 1 year time period, following the previous Theme Night, are eligible.
   Live judging, at a club meeting, is by a panel of 3 advanced DMCC photographers.

Themes for the Jan 2018 competition were "Curves" & "Textures"


Here are the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place images in each category.

Theme 1: "Curves"

1st Place - Curves
"Around and Around" by Pete Neeley

2nd Place - Curves

"Spiral Staircase" by Michael Croudson

T-3rd Place - Curves

"Yellow Curves" by Sheila Smith

T-3rd Place - Curves

"Tropical Towel Art" by Carol Anjo

Theme 2: "Textures"

1st Place - Textures
"Three Different Textures" by Andy Lamm

T-2nd Place - Textures

"Parrot Feathers" by Ann Wojtowicz

T-2nd Place - Textures

"Elephant Hide" by Murray Fenner

3rd Place - Textures

"Church Door" by Mary Rajotte

* The New Themes for the Jan. 2019 competition are ...

     1: "Old & New""
     2: "Ordinary made Extraordinary".

(Note: Images for this competition must have been taken after Jan 11, 2018.)