Photography by Andy Lamm

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I have been involved in club photography since 1993 and have found that environment stimulating. In particular, seeing so many other photographers' images regularly at club events inspires me to "keep shooting".

As time progressed, I tried to produce somewhat more "artistic" images (generating ethereal or otherwise non-straight looking effects, or producing graphic and abstract depictions of a conventional subject), and I am usually on the lookout for such "creative" opportunities.

To go with the times, in 2006 I began photographing and editing digitally, on the premise that 'if you can't beat them, join them'. So, like many another grumpy old man, I had to buckle down to acquire those modern skills, and, lo and behold, sometimes it actually works!


I invite you to look at many more of my photographs in 2 self-published books. Please click on this link to go to

Once that general page has opened, further below open "An assembly of my typical fine art photographs, by Andy Lamm. - Blurb" .

Then click on one of the two albums, then wait about 15 seconds while on the newly opened album page, then click on that book's or pages' either ends to allow cyber-flicking through all the pages (including the credits, the indexes, some statistics in my first - blue cover - book, and the back covers). I hope you like the images!

The Yellow Porch
No Trespassing
Leaf Detail
Glowing Sunflowers
Reeds At Sunset
A Retired Garage
Architectural Abstract
Outta My Way
Staircase Cubism
A Piano Score
Soul Food
A Row Of Maple Trees
Red And White Chairs
Glass Shapes
Yellow Iris In A Pond
A Reflected Reed
An Orchid Arrangement
A Rose For My Sweetheart
Canadian Pacific Train
Vacuum Cleaner Abstract
Radial And Polygonal Shapes
Seasonal Decoration
Flowers On Cast Iron Stove
Upstairs Hall In A Mansion
A Pink Lady's Slipper
A Yellow Lady's Slipper
Showy Lady's Slippers
A Columbine
A Raven At -15 Deg. C.
An Admiral Butterfly
A Seeding Milkweed Pod
Two Polypores
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