Catherine AuYeung Photography

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Capturing the beauty around me has kept me involved in photography for most of my life. But it was only in the last ten years that I had taken it more seriously, along with my travels. When I joined Don Mills Camera Club in 2014, I realized how much there is to learn and thankfully got a lot of help improving my photography.

I have travelled widely and have photographed people, architecture and landscapes on five continents but in the last few years have focused more on natural landscapes together with a new interest in birding. I have included a selection of my photography here.

For my travel photography, please visit my photo blog at Travels with rarecat

Find me in Dubrovnik
Candid Moment
The Eloquent Drummer
Arched Hallway
Zen Walk
Art Deco Ceiling
Fluid Wood
Patagonian Landscape
Merging Glaciers
Arctic Reflections
Oregon Dunes
Grace Reflected
Arctic Tern
Red-tailed Hawk
Perfect Balance

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