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2021 / 2022 Season

Competition 1: October 2021

The images below have received an Award of Merit (AM) or an Honourable Mention (HM)
in the following Divisions: Assigned Topic - Nature - Pictorial

All Rights Reserved by the photographer.

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Assigned Topic (Blue)


Assigned Topic - Novice


"Stairway to Heaven" by Cyndie Blackmore - AM

"Oman Blue Mosque Minaret" by Muray Fenner - HM

"Blue Hour Canning Lake" by Murray Fenner - AM

"Singing The Blues-Mbura at La Caverne" by Susan Ince - HM

"Blue on Blue on Blue" by Susan Ince - AM

"Big Beautiful Blue Chapeau" by Susan Ince - AM

"New York City Blue" by Sebastian Martinez - HM

"Trio in Blue" by Jane Novotny - HM

"Experiment in Blue" by George Novotny - HM

"The Blue Cat" by George Novotny - HM

"Rhythm and 'Blue' by Connie Tanenbaum - HM


Assigned Topic - Advanced


"Bird on a Wire" by Jennifer Allen - AM

"Blue Jay" by Alberto Bustos - HM

"Viper ACR" by Scott Fleming - AM

"Art Installation in Blue Hour" by Jean Liao - HM

"Pulp Mills in Blue Hour" by Jean Liao - AM


Assigned Topic - Specialist


"Arctic Blue" by Catherine AuYeung - AM

"The Blue Bowl" by Betty Chan - HM

"Three Is Company" by Betty Chan - AM

"Blue Ice" by Cynthia Smith - HM

"Fire and Ice" by Eric Thompson - HM

"The Human Spirit" by Eric Thompson - AM

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Nature - Novice


"Swanlings" by Doris Bies - HM

"Thayer's Gull 2" by Mickey Milner - HM

"Red-tailed Hawk in Flight" by Gary Philips - HM

"Great Grey Owl in Flight" by Gary Philips - AM

"Young Blue Heron's Happy Meal" by Connie Tanenbaum - AM

"Mute Swan and Cygnets" by Dawn Tattle - AM


Nature - Advanced


"Marsh Wren" by Jennifer Allen - HM

"Song Sparrow With Prey" by Jennifer Allen - AM

"Red-necked Grebe Feeding Young" by Jennifer Allen - AM

"Common Grackle" by Scott Fleming - AM

"Red Wing Blackbird on Bull Rush" by Scott Fleming - AM

"Great Blue Heron with Catch" by Scott Fleming - AM

"Egrets in Marsh" by Alkesh Sood - HM

"Monarch on Leaf" by Alkesh Sood - AM


Nature - Specialist


"Red-eyed Vireo With Catch" by Catherine AuYeung - AM

"Purple Gallinule in Habitat" by Catherine AuYeung - AM

"Red-bellied Woodpecker" by Alberto Bustos - AM

"Eurasian Eagle Owl" by Alberto Bustos - AM

"Bald Eagle" by Alberto Bustos - AM

"Grizzly and Cubs by Betty Chan - AM

"Humpback Bubble Net Fishing by Betty Chan - AM

"Red-bellied Woodpecker" by Filomena Ramalhoso - HM

"Wolves at Play" by Filomena Ramalhoso - AM

"White-winged Scoter" with Crayfish by Filomenea Ramalhoso - AM

"Fulmar" by Cynthia Smith - HM

"Guillemot" by Cynthia Smith - AM

"Coastal Bear with Cub, Clamming" by Cynthia Smith - AM

"Blue Jay" by Margaret Taylor - HM

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Pictorial - Novice


"Flamingo & Friends" by Doris Bies - HM

"Party Time by Doris Bies - AM

"Haliburton Spendour" by Cyndie Blackmorel - HM

"Morning Mist" by Cyndie Blackmore - HM

"Gaillac & Abbey St-Michel From Across the River" by Susan Ince - AM

"Pastural Scene at the Golden Hour" by Susan Ince - AM

"Arctic Light" by Filomena Ramalhoso - AM

"Urban Beach" by Alkesh Sood - HM

"Sunrise Reflection" by Connie Tanenbaum - AM

"Flowing Tranquility" by Dawn Tattle - HM

"Whimsical, Misty River" by Dawn Tattle - AM

"Hospital Blues" by Lynn Terryberry - AM


Pictorial - Advanced


"Algonquin Red and Green" by Jennifer Allen - HM

"Danger Stay Away!" by Jennifer Allen - AM

"Fourth Chute Falls" by Norman Cruse - HM

"Wellington Architectural Beauty" by Norman Cruse - AM

"McLaren Racing" by Scott Fleming - AM

"Mating Swallows" by Scott Fleming - AM


Pictorial - Specialist


"Golden Hour at Painted Hills" by Catherine AuYeung - HM

"Lingering Light" by Catherine AuYeung - AM

"The Great Wall At Dawn" by Betty Chan - HM

"Pointed Mountains" by Cynthia Smith - HM

"Portal to a New World" by Eric Thompson - HM

"Staircase Segment" by Bel Remedios - HM

"Stonehenge infrared" by Bel Remedios - AM

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