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2020 / 2021 Season

Competition 3: February 2021

The images below have received an Award of Merit (AM) or an Honourable Mention (HM)
in the following Divisions: Assigned Topic - Monochrome - Nature - Pictorial

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Assigned Topic (Isolation)


Assigned Topic - Novice


"Alone in the World" by Lynn Terryberry - HM

"Social Isolation" by Susan Ince - HM

"Isolated Farm at the End of the Road" by Susan Ince - HM

"Abandoned Cottage in the Scottish Highlands" by Michele Fraser - HM

"Here I Am" by George Novotny - AM

"Isolated" by Doris Bies - AM

"Isolation with Style" by Doris Bies - AM

"A Solitary Stroll" by Michele Fraser - AM

"Relic of a Lonely North Sea Vigil" by Michele Fraser - AM

"Blue Mood" by Cheryl Powers - AM


Assigned Topic - Advanced


"Abandoned Barn" by Jean Liao - HM

"Walking the Solitary Path" by Jennifer Allen - HM

"Art Immersion in Isolation" by Jennifer Allen - HM

"Passing By" by Jean Liao - HM

"Desolate Island" by Jean Liao - AM

"Home Alone" by Catherine Auyeung - AM


Assigned Topic - Specialist


"All By Myself" by George Campbell - HM

"Drifting Away" by George Campbell - HM

"Studying Alone" by George Campbell - AM

"On The Last Step" by Bell Remedios - HM

"Covid Lockdown" by Bell Remedios - AM

"A River of Isolation by Alberto Bustos - AM

"Keeping Distance" by Cynthia Smith - HM

"Alone" by Cynthia Smith - AM

"The Solitary Walker" by Eric Thompson - AM

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Monochrome - Novice


"Dandelion Seeds by Ann Wojtowicz - HM

"Pond surface #2" by Susan Ince - HM

"Remembering a Lost Love" by Michele Fraser - HM

"Along the Don Mills Trail" by Carol Anjo - HM

"Calgary Public Library Interior by Carol Anjo - AM

"Water Force" by Sheila Smith - AM

"Sky Mirrors" by Norm Cruse - AM


Monochrome - Advanced


"21 Century City" by Alberto Bustos - HM

"Dangerous Predicament" by Jennifer Allen - HM

"Peace Bridge Calgary" by Jean Liao - HM

"Concept of Box Living" by Jean Liao - HM

"Aga Kahn Museum" by Jean Liao - AM

"Generations" by Eric Thompson - AM


Monochrome - Specialist


"Modern Church at Blonduo, Iceland" by Cheryl Powers - HM

"Vestrahorn Beach" by George Campbell - HM

"Windows and Shadows No. 2" by George Campbell - HM

"Organ Pipes" by Cheryl Powers - AM

"Jordanian Elder" by Catherine AuYeung - AM

"Angles and Lines" by Catherine AuYeung - AM

"Montblanc Massif" by Catherine AuYeung - AM

"White Lady" by Betty Chan - AM

"Antarctica Iceberg" by Betty Chan - AM

"Fallen Bull Rider" by Betty Chan - AM
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Nature Projected


Nature Projected - Novice


"Looking for Breakfast by Doris Bies - AM

"White Tailed Deer" by Mei Shih - HM

"Sunset after the Storm" by Michele Fraser - AM

"Ceannabeinne Beach, North Coast of Scotland" by Michele Fraser - AM

"Great Horned Owl" by Connie Tanenbaum - AM


Nature Projected - Advanced


"Cardinal" by Jean Liao - HM

"Wood Duck" by Jean Liao - HM

"Rock Folds in the Badlands" by Jennifer Allen - HM

"Male Red-Breasted Merganser" by Scott Fleming - HM

"Flying Barn Owl" by Betty Chan - AM

"Female Long Tailed Duck in Winter Plumage" by Scott Fleming - AM

"Pileated Woodpecker" by Jennifer Allen - AM

"The Secretary Bird" by Betty Chan - AM

"Arctic Walrus Couple" by Betty Chan - AM


Nature Projected - Specialist


"Common Red Soldier Beetles Mating" by Catherine AuYeung - HM

"Small Heath" by Alberto Bustos - HM

"Polar Bear Hunting" by Filomena Ramalhoso - HM

"Walruses by Filomena Ramalhoso - HM

"Grebes Mating" by Cynthia Smith - HM

"Eastern Screech Owl" by Margaret Taylor - HM

"White breasted Nuthatch" by Cynthia Smith - AM

"Wildebeests" by George Campbell - AM

"Wood Duck" by George Campbell - AM

"Red necked Loon" by Cynthia Smith - AM

"American Kestrel with Prey" by Catherine AuYeung - AM

"Great Blue Heron and Relection" by George Campbell - AM

"Red-tailed Hawk in Flight With Prey" by Catherine AuYeung - AM

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Pictorial Projected


Pictorial Projected - Novice


"Purity" by Filomena Ramalhoso - HM

"Bonaventure Anchorage" at Sunset by Norm Cruse - HM

"Sunset lookout Pier" by Connie Tanenbaum - HM

"Sunset over Loch Lomand" by Michele Fraser - HM

"Good Morning Toronto" by George Novotny - HM

"Christmas Market is Closed" by Mei Shih - HM

"Meditating on the Beach" by Mei Shih - HM

"A Marina in Acadia" by Norm Cruse - AM

"Old in the New" by George Novotny - AM

"Snaring river - Jasper National Park" by George Novotny - AM

"Free Spirit" by Cheryl Powers - AM


Pictorial Projected - Advanced


"Wild fire haze over the Grand Tetons" by Jennifer Allen - HM

"Twin Moons in a Far Galaxy" by Alberto Bustos - HM

"Handling the Curve" by Alberto Bustos - HM

"Sunset at Polson Pier" by Jean Liao - HM

"Beach Scene" by Sheila Smith - HM

"Bouquet" by Alberto Bustos - AM

"The lowly Sparrow" by Scott Fleming - AM

"Look at those Eyes" by Ann Wojtowicz - AM

"Fiery Dragon" by Catherine AuYeung - AM

"Bringing in the Catch" by Catherine AuYeung - AM

"Patagonian Landscape" by Catherine AuYeung - AM


Pictorial Projected - Specialist


"Breaking Free" by Eric Thompson - HM

"Red Rocks of Utah" by George Campbell - HM

"Staircase" by George Campbell - AM

"Empty - Signs of Covid" by George Campbell - AM

"Ice from Glacier" by Cynthia Smith - AM

"Islamic Centre" by Bel Remedios - AM

"Burlington Pier" by Bel Remedios - AM

"Stick To The Bull" by Betty Chan - AM

"Canada Geese Wrestling" by Betty Chan - AM

"Tanzania Hot Air Balloon" by Betty Chan - AM

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