Photography by
Leslie Fernandes

All Rights Reserved

My first brush with photography as a kid came with using a Kodak Brownie box camera owned by my father, who all through his life insisted there is nothing like taking family photographs. This has stayed with me all along and I enjoy it very much as a hobby that gives me piece of mind.

My first 35mm camera was the trusty Pentax Spotmatic which I have retained for nostalgic reasons, given to me by my father as a college graduation gift. I am still a Pentax user today in this digital age.

I also worked with a medium format Bronica ETR which I used exclusively for architectural and landscape photography. I still have the whole system and with film making a slow comeback I am looking forward to using it again. Nothing to beat getting your fingers wet in the darkroom.

For the past few years I have been concentrating on producing slide essays and travelogues, although the black-and-white print medium is still my favourite.

An active member of the Don Mills Camera Club since 1973 and a past president, I still try to make the time to participate in the club competitions, besides my other hobby of woodworking and model boats construction.

Metal Exhibition from Junk Car Parts - Warsaw - Poland

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