THEME   NIGHT - 2021

Theme Night is a mid-season competition for projected images depicting assigned themes.
This event is presented at a January club meeting; judging is by a panel of three advanced DMCC photographers.

There are 2 themes.
Members may enter up to 3 images per theme.
NOTE: For this competition, images must have been taken after the previous competition.
Images taken earlier than that date are not eligible.

Themes for the January 2021 competition were ...

- "Doorways"
- "Looking Up"

Here are the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place results.

Theme: "Doorways"
1st Place

"Coptic Church Entrance" by Eric Thompson

2nd Place

"Golden Arch" by Catherine AuYeung

T - 3rd Place

"Impressive Doorway" by Ann Wojtowicz

T - 3rd Place

"Doorway to Eternity" by Catherine AuYeung

Theme: "Looking Up"

1st Place

"Looking Up" by Catherine AuYeung

2nd Place

"Looking up Information the Old-fashioned Way" by Susan Ince

3rd Place

"Bright Lights in the Evening Sky" by Ann Wojtowicz

                Note: The new themes for the January, 2022 competition are ...

                     1: "Food"
                     2: "Into the Forest"

                        SPECIAL NOTE: For the next competition, images must have been taken after Jan 28, 2021.
                        Images taken before Jan 28th, 2021 are not eligible.

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