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2019/2020 Club Competitions - Award Winning Photographs

Our club holds 4 regular competitions each season, with entries in Colour Prints, Monochrome Prints, Nature Projected and Pictorial Projected. Competition levels are Novice, Advanced and Specialist

Competition 1
Oct. 2019
Competition 2
Dec. 2019
Competition 3
Feb. 2020
Competition 4
Mar. 2020

Theme Night

Theme Night is an in-house competition for digital, projected images depicting assigned themes.

Theme Night
Jan. 2020

Photo Essay Competiton

Photo essays present a set of photographs with music, text or commentary, to relate an interesting story
about people, places or events, or to display a visually creative theme.

The March 2020 Competion results were ...

     1st Place
Eric Thompson
                       2nd Place
                    Mickey Milner
           "A Factory for Modern Art"
                  3rd Place
               Alberto Bustos
Reeser Trophy

Media Champions 2018/2019

Division Champions 2018/2019

Enjoy these Award Winning Photographs from our annual Year-end Competition. To compete in this prestigious event, images must have already won an AM (Award of Merit) or an HM (Honourable Mention) in a regular club competition. Click the image to see the Media Champions winning images Division Champions of the Projected Pictorial, Projected Nature, Monochrome Prints, and Colour Prints categories are presented with certificates at our Annual Awards Night. Awards are based on net aggregate scores of Novice, Advanced and Specialist members who participate in the Club's 4 Regular Competitions. Click the image to see our Division Champions

Member Galleries

Enjoy the photographic interests of some of our club members.

Andy Lamm Bel Remedios Cheryl Powers Cynthia_Smith
George Campbell Leslie Fernandes Pete Neely

  Member Websites

        Alberto Bustos Photography                 Cheryl Powers: Photography                 Peter Van Rhijn: Photography


         Photography by Vincent