Photo Essay Competiton

Photo Essay Competition

The Reeser Trophy

Photo essays present a set of photographs with music, text, or commentary, to relate an interesting story
about people, places, or events, or to display a visually creative theme.

Starting from the 2022-2023 season, two or more members may jointly prepare and enter a Photo Essay for the competition.

The first-place winner(s) is awarded the Reeser Trophy. There is a certificate for a runner-up.

Members compete for the Reeser Trophy, which was donated to the club
by the family of former members Karl and Phyllis Reeser.
The trophy was donated to the club, in 2002, by the Reeser family, in recognition of Karl and Phyllis Reeser’s
contribution to photography while they were members of the Don Mills Camera Club.
It was in honour of their 55th wedding anniversary.

Karl and Phyllis especially liked photo essays and mentored some of our members
on the art of storytelling through photography.

Congratulations to our March 2021 Competition Winners!

The top 3 entries were...
"South Georgia"
by Cynthia Smith, who was awarded the Reeser Trophy,
"Tropic of Capricorn",
by Alberto Bustos won second place,
"Simply Scotland"
by Michele Fraser was awarded third place.

Congratulations to our March 2022 Competition Winners!

The top 3 entries were ...
"You've Got a Friend in Me"

by Michele Fraser, who was awarded the Reeser Trophy,
"Photo Shoot Canadian Raptor Conservancy"
by Mickey Milner who won second place,
"A Rainbow Of Floral Colours"
by Jennifer Allen was awarded third place.

Blue Hour Canning Lake

Background Photo Taken by Club Member Murray Fenner

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